Ad Manager 360 Reseller Exam Answers 2022

Which of the following is correct?

Positioning ads next to violent content is allowed.

Positioning ads next to pornographic or mature content is allowed.

Using artificial means to inflate impressions, conversions and/or clicks are not allowed under specific circumstances.

Placing ads in webmail applications is allowed.\

During implementation the client has indicated that they will need to serve pop-ups to various areas of the site. When generating ad tags what must be done?

Define the name within the div id

All of the above

Check the Out-of-page unit checkbox in the ‘Generate tags’ window.

The tag is missing the parameter dw=1, which will surround the response in document.write(‘’)

When serving mobile ads directly to an app, tags do not need to be size specific or specific to a mobile operating system.



When a pass-back is used, Ad Manager counts two impressions for each ad served.



To block the general category of ‘Home & Garden’ ads from showing on your Mobile In-App inventory for tablets, what should be selected in the targeting section of a blocking rule?

Inventory sizes”

Mobile apps

Device categories

Operating systems

The reporting metric “total network impressions” includes “unfilled impressions”



Which of these features are app specific and not available for Mobile web? Select all that apply.

Splash creative

Frequency capping

Video interstitials SDK mediation

A maximum of ___ images can be included in a mobile image carousel.

5 / five



Which of the following net bids would win in the Ad Manager auction?

Ad Manager Buyer 4 net bid: $4.60 CPM

Ad Manager Buyer 1 net bid: $4.75 CPM

Ad Manager Buyer 3 net bid: $5.00 CPM

Ad Manager Buyer 2 net bid: $4.50 CPM

Ad units can have multiple sizes defined.





A publisher typically uses Ad Manager to traffic Ad Manager ads in order to streamline their direct demand source.



What is the effect of a trafficker changing a key-value pair from pre-defined to freeform (and changing back 5 minutes later)?

No effect since the change happened within 5 minutes

All keys AND values will be lost and both types need to be reentered

All values will be lost and need to be reentered

Line items using this key-value pair will need to have targeting redone

Forecasting will be lost

A line item targeting a special ad unit will always serve to its children ad units.





The “Override blocks” button was designed to disregard specific blocking rules in your Ad Manager account that may prevent a Preferred Deal or Private Auction from transacting.



A client wants to serve a roadblock. However, they are using GPT format tags without SRA. What is a potential issue?

GPT format tags do not support roadblocks with more than 3 companions

They will be unable to deliver guaranteed roadblocks

A and C

The GPT tags must be asynchronous

Violation of the Ad Exchange program guidelines could lead to the suspension of the publisher’s account.



What would you recommend to a retail publisher who is trying to run a forecast for Black Friday (a day when users buy a lot more goods than usual) in Ad Manager?

None of the Above

Nothing, Ad Manager will automatically know to increase inventory based on what happened last year

Forecast Adjustments & Historical Basis Rules

Ad Manager’s forecasting team creates a statistical model that it uploads to all networks globally to adjust for increased Black Friday delivery

A and C

Key Values Are Case Sensitive.


Which source type requires a URL in order to sync with the content source and ingest content metadata?





Since all Ad Manager networks are automatically enabled with Mobile In-App, a user can target either a mobile or desktop Ad Manager web property alias in Ad Manager without needing any initial setup from the Google support team.



Click Tracking line items are possible in Ad Manager 360.

True and they’re created at the line item level True;

they’re created via a system defined template


True; however, they do not require the creation of a line

item B and C

Ad units can be saved without a defined size.





A publisher has just switched over to Ad Manager 360 from another product 10 days ago. They are concerned the forecasting data they are seeing isn’t correct. What can you tell them to do?

Remove house ads from serving to specific ad units in question

Ad Manager is most accurate with 28 days of data so some forecasting may not be accurate

Check key-values in the tags on the webpages and make sure they’re correct.

Ad Manager needs only 7 days of data before being able to forecast so the forecast must be correct

When testing if conversion tracking has been correctly implemented, where would you find a ping from I/GoogleConversionReporter?

Conversion tracking SDK

Activity group

Activity tag

Application log

When creating a new rule, in which targeting option can you find the ability to include ‘Interstitial’ inventory?

Mobile apps

Inventory sizes

Operating sytems

Device categories

Ad Manager takes into account 28 days of historical data when running forecasts. Today is Monday. Which of the following accurately describes how the system forecasts what it believes will serve to a publisher’s homepage ad unit next Monday.

Ad Manager looks back to the 2nd Monday in the system and assumes that next Monday will have the same traffic for the publisher’s homepage ad unit.

Ad Manager looks back to the 1st Monday in the sample file and assumes that next Monday will have the same traffic for the publisher’s homepage ad unit.

Activity tagAd Manager does trend analysis from the last four weeks to try to estimate how many impressions you’ll receive next Monday on the publisher’s homepage ad unit.

Ad Manager takes a flat average of all of the past 4 Mondays and assumes every Monday from now on will have that average number of impressions, including next Monday, for the publisher’s homepage ad unit.

Which section of a Blocking rule allows publishers to block Apparel ads?

Advertiser URLs

General categories

Sensitive categories

Cookie and data uses

After 30 days of becoming an Ad Manager NPM partner, ad requests from unclassified domains will not deliver any ads.



True or False? You can use both synchronous and asynchronous GPT tag types together on a single page.



Which of the following does not comply with the Network Partner Management policy?

Network Partners are bound by the same program guidelines as all Ad Manager publishers

Network Partners are not allowed to further subsyndicate and monetize inventory not owned by them.

Publishers must declare all domains before they can be served ads, including both their own domains and their network partners’ domains.

Publishers should always be aware of the content their Network Partners are monetizing.

Publishers must have a direct, but not necessarily contractual, relationship with a network partner to run Ad Manager ads on their site.

In Ad Manager, Google collects payments from buyers and pays the seller, but does not take on the collection risk. Therefore if Google does not collect from the buyer, the seller will not get paid.



This is your clients hierarchy: >Top level ad unit: Sports >Second level ad unit: Basketball (under Sports) >Third level ad unit: Lakers (under Basketball) >Third level special ad unit: Spurs (under Basketball) If an ad should serve to the ad unit Sports, which ad units are eligible?

Sports, Basketball, Lakers, and Spurs

Sports, Lakers

Sports, Basketball, and Lakers

Sports and Basketball


Correctly order the creation steps of a new Preferred Deal.

A publisher creates an offer in their Ad Manager account.

The offer gets sent to the buyer to be reviewed, or the buyer discovers the offer in the Ad Manager Marketplace

Changes are suggested through negotiations

Terms are accepted to create a deal

A publisher based in New York complains no one in their office can see an ad on their homepage that should be delivering. You check Ad Manager and see the line item is a sponsorship at 100% and is targeted correctly on the page. You notice the ad is geotargeted to the cities of New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. You check and you are able to see the ad. You’re based in San Francisco. You run the Google Console and it shows the ad should always win. You check with a teammate in Chicago and he can’t see that ad. What is most likely the issue?

The publisher AND your teammate have malware

The publisher is using the wrong browser

The publisher’s network is routing their IP through another city

The publisher has malware

Be sure to review the Ad technologies section periodically to make sure they allow any new ad technologies on the exchange.

Maximize the number of blocks they set on their inventory​.

Keep their most important rules at the top of the list to ensure they are reviewed first.

Combine inventory that requires the same pricing or blocking into the same rules to minimize their list of rules.

Be wary of setting floor prices without analyzing their account performance.

(True of False) Once a Publisher Profile is created, it must be published immediately.



The “Override blocks” feature only applies to RTB, or real time bidding, transactions.



I have the following ads 1.A sponsorship ad at priority 4 and frequency capped at 5 per day (which it has reached) 2.A sponsorship ad at priority 10 and booked for 75% of daily volume, of which it has only 68% 3.A standard normal ad at priority 8 that is booked for 15,000 impressions but has only delivered 13,000 and ends its campaign in 2 months 4.A standard normal ad at priority 8 that is booked for 12,000 impressions, has only delivered 11,000 and ends its campaign in 1 week Which will Ad Manager serve first and why?

Ad 2 because it’s has a percentage goal and this gets higher priority than absolute goals

Ad 1 because it is priority 4

Ad 4 because it’s at priority 8 and has a lower Satisfaction Index (SI)

Ad 3 because it’s at priority 8 and is standard high

Ad 2 because it’s a sponsorship ad

What creative type would I use if I’m hosting the creative asset in Ad Manager but looking to track impressions in two other third-party servers?


Creative template

Custom creative

With Dynamic Allocation enabled, which of the following line items will serve?

Standard line item (Priority10) with $6.50 temporary CPM

AdSense (Priority 12) with $7 CPM

Can we have server-side implementation for smart phones?



Can an ad unit be in multiple placements?

Yes but the risk is placements may not work as intended

Yes but the risk is users will be confused how to target an ad unit

Yes and there’s no risk

Yes but the risk is reporting will be difficult to reconcile

Yes but the risk is placements may not work as intended

Which type of macro is needed to track clicks for an image creative asset uploaded in Ad Manager?

unescaped click macro

click macro

no macro is required

escaped click macro

(True or False) All information included in a publisher profile is systematically entered by Google. No manually inputted information is required.



If a standard line item is under-delivering what can you do to troubleshoot the issue?

Ad 2 because it’s has a percentage goal and this gets higher priority than absolute goalsDelete ad units to which the line item is targeted until the forecasting system says it will deliver in full

Both B and C

Run a forecast at the line item level and broaden targeting criteria for the line item.

Add more custom targeting to broaden the reach of the line item

All of the above

Which of these troubleshooting tools is NOT able to identify the line item id of a particular ad?

Google Publisher Console

Ad Manager Dashboard

Chrome Developer Tools

Google Publisher Toolbar

A Channel with a semi-transparent branding type will reveal the Publisher ID to potential buyers in a bid request.



A publisher is trying to keep their users happy while maximizing their revenue. Which of the following does NOT agree with user experience guidelines?

Give users as many options as possible.

Focus on your users’ goals.

Turn casual visitors into loyal users.

Ensure that users know what action to take on your site.

Tailor your experience to your users’ situation.

Employ a clear structure to guide users.

After creating a new tag, you can regenerate the tag code snippet at any time.



Which feature uses metadata to package videos based on their content into dynamic bundles and then target ads to those bundles?

Dynamic allocation

Content ingestion


Google Publisher Toolbar

Pattern match macros

A publisher has determined that most of their users come to their site to read specific articles that they found through a search engine. Which approach would maximize the publisher’s revenue while keeping users happy?

how only a snippet of the main article and include links to related articles above it to prove to the user that there’s other valuable content on their site.

Split the content into 5 pages, to have more page views.

Include some related or popular articles at the bottom of each article.

Avoid including links to related articles to allow the user to focus on the article they chose to read

Estimated revenue is the exact amount a publisher will be paid in the next eligible payments cycle.



To properly troubleshoot Ad Manager delivery issues, you will need the live page URL.





Which SDK is required before serving ads to a mobile app?

Google Conversion Tracking SDK

Google Interactive Media Ads SDK

Google Mobile Ads SDK

Google App Engine SDK

One domain cannot be classified to more than one network partner.



A client has two 728×90 ad units and a 300×250 running on a page. They have a 728×90 & 300×250 sponsorship, but the sponsorships aren’t always delivering. What are the steps to troubleshoot?

All of the above

Create a test page with just one ad tag and see what returns

Check the tags on the page

Check the creative code returns a valid asset

heck the ads are trafficked properly in Ad Manager

Preferred Deals is a feature that allows Ad Manager sellers to offer inventory to buyers at a fixed, pre-negotiated price before the inventory is made available to other buyers in the general auction.



Which of the following destination options for mobile in-app ads could be used to open an application listing in the Google Play app?

Click-through URL

Phone number


A client writes in that they’re seeing 117,149,387 unfilled impressions (over 25% of their inventory) What steps should the client take to troubleshoot?

Traffick house ads that cover ad units where there are unfilled impressions

Run a query that shows number forecasted unfilled impressions and traffic a run of network house ad with that number as its delivery goal

All of the above

B and C

Run a sell through report to show a forecast of what’s available and how much inventory is unsold

According to this Ad Manager video ad tag, which video ad type is being targeted? 0435163184&slotname=8487431944&ad_type=skippablevideo_text_image_fl ash&

Skippable instream

Standard instream


What feature allows you to alter the behaviour of your mobile app when certain ads are served?

Ad unit refresh rate

Manual impression counting

App events

Conversion tracking

A publisher reports that they do not see a campaign with a 970×90 creative that is created as Sponsorship. Which one of the following is NOT a troubleshooting step?

Use Ad Manager Troubleshooting Tool

Validate the line item using the VAST Inspector

Check tags on the page

Create a test page

An SDK enables the video player to run video ads. Which one of the following is not a function of the SDK?

Compile spam & viewability signals

Select the media file for playback

Ping impression and tracking URLs

Traffic the ad in Ad Manager

Render the ad

Request and parse VAST responses

Which one of the following is compatible with manual impression counting?

Third-party network creatives

AdSense backfill creatives

Admob backfill creatives

Ad Manager backfill creatives

Direct-sold Ad Manager creatives

Which one of the following industry standard video ad types allows you to create or schedule a playlist of video ads?




Which of the following mobile ad types will match the look, feel and content of the app?



Smart banner

Image banner

A creative fails to render on a client’s page even though the line item wins ad selection when you look in Charles. What tools would be most helpful in troubleshooting the issue?

Google Publisher Console to see if the line item is winning on the page

Clean test page to isolate the creative code

Chrome Developer Tools to see how the creative is interacting with the tag and the page

Both A and B

All of the Above

Latency is expected to be higher in a ____________.

client side implementation


Which of these video ad types is not supported by the Google IMA SDK on Android or iOS?

Companion ads

Linear ads

Ad manager

Non-linear ads

AFV ads

You can test out your video ad tags by using our Video Suite _________.




Match each of the following identifiers to the platform on which they are used.

IDFA ​- with Mobile​ app (iOS)

AdID​ – Mobile​ app (Android)

Cookie​ – Mobile​ web

PPID ​- Cross​-device

Which SDK will you need to integrate if you want to show video ads before, after, or during video content in your app?

Google Interactive Media Ads SDK

Google Mobile Ads SDK

Google Conversion Tracking SDK

Google App Engine SDK

For ____________ ads, impressions are delayed by default until the ad is displayed to the user.




Do Rich Media ads require SDK?



When creating a new video ad tag, which “Technology” option would you select if your video player is integrated with Google’s IMA SDK?

IMA Adapter

Direct SDK

Your Publisher has contacted you about a possible malicious ad displaying on their site. What information do you need and how can they obtain it, to allow you to further troubleshoot?

Click URL; from the advertiser

Image location; right click,copy image address

Image creative; right click, save image

Click String; right click, copy link address

Taller ads tend to perform better from a viewability perspective.



When creating a new video ad tag, one step involves filling out a tag generator form. However, you need not fill out this form if ____________________________________.

you are using the DoubleClick for Publishers ad server with an IMA SDK compatible video player

you are not using the DoubleClick for Publishers ad server with an IMA SDK compatible video player

If your video player is not integrated with Google’s IMA SDK, the following Ad Manager line item priority types are available to use except …

Ad Manager




Which ad rules setting allows you place short video ads before or after the actual video ad runs?

Frequency caps




Which is the one video creative type that will work with the fallbacks feature?


Vast redirect

Vast inline


What is a description URL?

The URL that best describes the video content playing on the page. Usually, it’s the page that houses the video player, but could also be a page with text that describes the video

The URL that describes the publisher’s business goals.

he URL of the publisher’s “”About Us”” page on their website.

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