Android Enterprise Associate Pre-Assessment Answers 2022

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1 – On personally owned Android devices featuring Android (5.0+) what feature does a “Work Profile” provide?

A) Allow IT Admins full access to your personal device and managed security settings.

B) Allow IT Admins to fully wipe data on your entire device and enforce enterprise security.

C) Create a company owned profile that manages all data on the device.

(D) Create a company managed work profile to keep all your work and personal data separate.

2 – What is Android Enterprise?

A) A secure and comprehensive way of managing any Android device and OS version.

B) Comprehensive and modern mobile OS platform providing extensive management API’s for large scale enterprises.

C) A platform with a limited number of management API’s and services, providing legacy control methods.

(D) A modern management framework with robust enterprise APIs and secure app deployment via managed Google Play.

3 – Which Google led and validated program makes it simple for businesses to confidently select, deploy and manage Android devices and services that meet elevated enterprise requirements?

A) Android for Work

B) Android Device Admin

(C) Android Enterprise Recommended

D) Android Device Suite

4 – What are the four layers of security that keep Android devices safe?

(A) A multi-layered approach from hardware, OS, management APIs and Google services such as Google Play Protect

B) A multi-layered approach from Android Security Suite, management API’s, hardware and Google services such as Google Play Protect

C) Anti-virus applications, network traffic monitoring tools, strict policy control and OEM security suite

D) A multi-layered approach from hardware, anti-virus applications, Android Security Suite and Google services such as Google Play Protect

5 – Which of the following statements is true as it pertains to device management with Android Enterprise?

A) Android Enterprise supports management modes for company-owned devices only and should be used in strict lock-down scenarios.

(B) Android Enterprise offers a management option for any ownership or deployment model: from work profile, strict lock‑down devices to single‑use scenarios.

C) Android Enterprise should not be used on personal devices and is recommended for company-owned devices only.

D) Android Enterprise makes it easy to switch between fully managed and work profile modes without the need to re-enroll devices.

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