Android Enterprise Professional Pre-Assessment Answers 2022

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1 – The identity method that is preferred for G-Suite customers:

A) Managed Google Play Account

(B) Managed Google Account

C) EMM Enhanced Account

D) Gmail Account

2 – The following enrollment methods are supported with Android Enterprise:


B) QR Code

C) Zero-Touch

(D) All of the above

3 – Restricting applications from communicating directly to each other is an example of what Android security principle:

A) Verified Boot

B) Safety Net

(C) Application Sandboxing

D) Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR)

4 – Google recommends which of the following methods to securely manage, deploy or host in-house company applications?

A) Sideloading

B) Android admin console

C) Zero Touch Portal

(D) Managed Google Play Store

5 – Using Android Enterprise versus Device Admin (DA) is recommended for all deployments going forward because:

A) Device Admin API’s have been marked deprecated and will eventually not be supported

B) Device Admin API’s provided an outdated security model and management approach

C) Android Enterprise offers a modern management framework with enterprise APIs and secure app deployment via managed Google Play.

(D) All of the above

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