Chromebook Academy Level 200 Assessment Answers 2022

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Total Questions and Passing Score – 17 Questions and the Passing score is 100%

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1 – True or False? Adobe has developed Android apps for its Creative Cloud software.



2 – Which of the following apps allows you to play and download music on your Chromebook?





3 – Chromebooks aren’t just for working productively. Which of the following games are available from the Google Play Store?

Bubble Witch 3

Chocobo Racing


Asphalt 8

4 – Why would you advise a customer to download the Netflix app from the Google Play Store over accessing it through the browser?

It uses less RAM

It takes up less storage

You can use it without a subscription

You can download titles

Chromebook Academy 202 Assessment Answers

1 – Which of the following aren’t methods to connect your Chromebook to a printer? Select all that apply.





2 – True or False? Once you’ve set your printer up with your Chromebook, you can only print from Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.



3 – True or False? You can only print from a Chromebook when you are connected to the Internet.



Chromebook Academy 203 Assessment Answers

1 – Which of the following apps has offline functionality? Select all that apply.

Google Docs



Google Meet

2 – What steps can you take to prepare your Chromebook for a lack of connectivity? Select all that apply.

Save any emails as drafts so that you can send when offline

Save any webpages you’d like to read later

Switch ‘offline mode’ to be on in Google Drive’s settings

Download a film you might want to watch later

3 – True or False? Once offline features have been enabled, you can sync your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to your Chromebook to work on offline.



4 – True or False? It is possible to play games from the Google Play Store without Wi-Fi?



Chromebook Academy 204 Assessment Answers

1 – True or False? Chromebooks only use one type of storage, Google Drive, which is cloud-based storage and can only be accessed when online.



2 – True or False? Google’s productivity suite, Docs, Sheets, and Slides count towards your Google Drive storage.



3 – How can you find files stored locally on your Chromebook?





Chromebook Academy 205 Assessment Answers

1 – Which of the following benefits do laptops running Chrome OS come with?

Starts up in seconds

Built-in updates and virus protection

User-friendly interface

All of the above

2 – Which of the following brands produce Chromebooks? Select all that apply.





3 – True or False? With Chrome OS, you won’t have to manually install software updates as the operating system automatically updates in the background.



Chromebook Academy Level 200 Assessment Completed

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