Dynamic Creatives Answers 2022

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Dynamic Creatives Assessment Answers
Dynamic Creatives Answers 2022

Dynamic Creatives Answers 2022

1. What three types of audiences are available to DoubleClick advertisers to help them reach their audiences with the right message at the right moment?

First-party, third-party, and Google Audience data

First-party, internal, and Google Audience data

First-party, second-party, and third-party data

First-party, second-party, and internal data

2. What’s one way DoubleClick Dynamic Creative saves advertisers’ time?

It helps advertisers skip QA and go straight from creative build to trafficking

t provides a simple interface that lets non-developers make professional-looking creatives

It enables advertisers to build, QA, and traffic unique creatives extremely rapidly

It frees advertisers from having to build, QA, and traffic unique creatives for each audience they want to reach

3. Which DoubleClick products can serve creatives?

Google Analytics 360 Suite and Google Web Designer

DoubleClick Bid Manager and DoubleClick Campaign Manager

DoubleClick Studio and Google Web Designer

They all can

4. Where can advertisers define all the different versions of a DoubleClick dynamic creative?

Dynamic creatives can only have one version

On DoubleClick Bid Manager’s Iteration screen

In a DoubleClick Studio data feed spreadsheet

In DoubleClick Campaign Manager’s Versioning screen

5. What are data insights for DoubleClick advertisers?

Data signals from impressions that tell advertisers about who’s looking

Logs from impressions that help advertisers predict visitor profiles

Educated strategies for crafting effective creatives

Conclusions advertisers consolidate from data that help them know what message to deliver to which customers and when

6. Where does the advertiser’s dynamic creative data feed live?

In the DoubleClick Campaign Manager profile

In the DoubleClick Bid Manager profile

In a DoubleClick Studio data feed spreadsheet

In DoubleClick Campaign Manager’s Versioning screen

7. What’s the basic goal of an advertiser’s dynamic creative strategy?

To reconnect with customers who visited the advertiser’s site previously

To reach consumers right when they’re looking and help them along their purchase journey

To reconnect with customers after they’ve had time to process an initial ad contact

To reach as many different kinds of people as possible with the same quality messag

8. How do DoubleClick impressions capture information about the viewers advertisers wants to reach?

DoubleClick’s advanced algorithm predicts where and when the right customers will be looking

Impressions provide data signals about their viewers and the moment they’re looking

The impressions determine this and update DoubleClick with the result

Advertisers provide the impression ID numbers

9. Which is the correct order for launching a dynamic campaign?

Build creative, gather insights, test and launch, learn and optimize

Define digital brief, build creative, gather insights, test and launch, learn and optimize

Learn and optimize, define digital brief, build creative, test and launch, gather insights

Gather insights, define digital brief, build creative, test and launch, learn and optimize

10. How can advertisers bypass the step of adding the code from the Generate Code screen into their HTML5 creative?

Build in JS code that calls the DoubleClick server

Build their dynamic creative with Google Web Designer

Use a data feed with an advanced creative

Elect to link HTML5 creatives to the data feed

Dynamic Creatives Answers Completed

Dynamic Creatives Assessment Answers

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