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1 – With Bubbles, you can: Select two correct answers, then submit.

(A) Pin conversations so they are always visible

(B) Multitask while texting

C) View each individual line of your messaging conversation as a different bubble on your homescreen

True Or False?

2 – Android Auto wireless connection is new to all devices running Android 11. Select the correct answer, then submit.

A) True

(B) False


3 – Take a look at the phrases below and see if you can match ‘em up! Select each box and choose the correct option, then submit.

What are the three pillars of the Android OS update? – People, Controls, Privacy

Which Android 11 feature helps you monitor important conversations as you get on with other tasks? – Bubbles

How can you access your connected devices in Android 11? – Long press the power button

What permissions can you control access to with one-time permissions? – Microphone, camera and location

Android 11 Expert Post Exam Answers

1 – What are the three pillars for Android 11?

(A) People

(B) Controls

C) Sharing

(D) Privacy

2 – Conversations now come together in the ________ drawer.

A) App

B) System

(C) Notification

3 – Prioritized conversations alert you, even if your phone is off.

A) True

(B) False

4 – What’s the easiest way to bring up device controls?

A) Open Settings, tap on the Device manager and find the device in the registry

(B) Long press on the power button

C) Search for the app associated with the device in the Google Play Store

D) Press the volume up button, then the power and then the volume down button

5 – Which of these devices can you NOT send audio to with the media controls?

A) Headphones

(B) DAB digital radio

C) Bluetooth speaker

D) Nest smart display

6 – What happens to an app you haven’t used in a while?

A) Nothing

B) It is deleted from your phone to save space

C) It’s moved to a new rarely used app folder

(D) Permissions are reset and the app has to ask you again when you open it

7 – Which of these can’t be granted as a one time permission?

A) Location

B) Camera

(C) Activity

D) Microphone

8 – What are some of the new features that come with Android 11?

(A) Multiview mode

B) 4G speed booster

(C) 5G optimization

D) Dream recorder

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