FEMA IS-31.a: Mitigation eGrants for the Grant Applicant Answers

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About FEMA IS-31.a

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1. True or False: When logging into the eGrants system, you will be asked for your User Name, Password, and Access Code.



2. From the Subgrant Application section in a grant application, what would you select to attach subgrants to the grant application?

Add Subgrant Applications(s) link

Add Subgrant Application(s) button

Attach Subgrant Applications(s) link

Attach Subgrant Applications(s) button

3. How do you add items to the cost estimate section?

Enter Cost- Effectiveness Information

Click on the Add Item Button

Enter the Activity Cost Estimate

Enter the Federal Share Amount

4. By selecting the duration of access for a user, this determines how long a user has access to an application. True or False.



5. Which two fields in the Review and Submit Application Section are required to submit an application?

Your contact phone number and Organization Name

Password and Checkbox for statement with name of signer and date

ISAACS User Name and Access ID

ISAACS User Name and Password

6. True or False: There are 2 methods of creating a new application—completing an entire blank application or copying an existing application.



Complete the POC information, then select the Copy Existing Application button

Selecting the Copy Existing Application button, then select the application you want to copy

Selecting the Copy Un-submitted Applications button, then select the application you want to copy.

Select the application you want to copy, and then select the Copy Existing Application button

8. You had previously provided your co-worker Bill View/Print and Create/Edit access to several applications you have created so that he could review them. Bill is now moving on to another position and will no longer need access to your applications. What course of action should you take?

Change the duration of time of Bill’s access

Provide Bill with Sign/Submit access

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Revoke Bill’s access

Change Bill’s access to View/Print only

Requirement for Assurances forms to be completed in subgrant applications

External Email

Requirements for submittal of project Pre-applications by subgrant applicants

All of the Above

10. What are the types of files you can attach to your application?

Electronic documents/Files and Paper documents/files

Audio Files

Video Files

11. You have completed entering the paper intake subgrant application. You need your supervisor Deborah to sign the application. What type of access do you grant Deborah?


View/Print and Create/Edit

View/Print, Create/Edit and Sign/Submit

View/Print and Sign/Submit

12. Which of the following are the two correct ways to log out of the eGrants System?

Logout Link and Logout Button

X Button in the browser to close the browser window

Save and Logout Button

Exit Application link

Locate the application you want to work on and select the Update Application Link

Locate the application you want to work on and select the View Details Link

Locate the application you want to work on and select the Complete Sections Link

Locate the application you want to work on and select the Review Applications Link

14. You have received a paper subgrant application from the City of Prosperity and wish to enter the application into eGrants. What do you select from the Grant Applicant Home Page?

Work on Un-submitted Paper Subgrant Application(s) link

Enter Paper Subgrant Application (Application Intake) link

Create New Subgrant Application link

Create New Grant Application link

You have to check in subgrant applications

You have to check out subgrant applications

You have to stockpile subgrant applications

You have to release subgrant applications

16. How do you determine that each section of the application is complete?

Review each section and make sure all fields are completed

The system will display an error message if you log off before completing all sections

The Progress Column will show as “100%”

The Status Column will show as “Complete”

17. Which of the following methods can be used to navigate through the 11 parts of the Environment/Historic Preservation (EHP) Information Section? Select all that apply.

From the links in the Sidebar Menu

From the links in the Task Menu

Selecting each of the parts from a drop-down list

From a link in the Grant Applicant Home Page

18. Once the both the grant applicant and FEMA have signed the award packages, what is the status of that award package?




Not accepted

19. When completing the SubApplicant Information Section of the application, what is the best method for entering your organization?

Perform a search by selecting the Search button

Perform a search by selecting the Organization button

Enter in the full unabbreviated name of your organization

Enter in the abbreviation for your organization if available

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20. True or False: In the Mitigation Activity section, you can change the title of the proposed activity.



21. If your email address or phone number changes, what should you do to reflect the change in eGrants?

Request a new access code

Revise all of your applications

Edit your Profile

Register as a New User

22. You are completing the Add Cost Share portion of the Cost Share section of the application. You are receiving funds from a City grant for your project. What option do you choose from the Funding Source drop-down menu?

Private Non-Profit Funding

State Agency Funding

Local Agency Funding

Other Agency Funding

23. When reviewing subgrant applications, what does “Release to Stockpile” mean?

Application has been approved for inclusion in grant application

Application has been released by FEMA

Application has been approved for inclusion in grant application and submitted to FEMA

The application has not yet been approved or disapproved

24. In order to add a comment in the Comments and Attachments Section, what do you need to do?

Select the Add Button and then select the Comments Radio Button

Select the Comments Radio Button

Select the Add Button and attach a word document containing your comments

Select the Add Button and then enter the desired comment

25. To accept an award package in eGrants, the user must have what type of access?

Create/Edit access for applications

Sign/Submit access for applications

Create/Edit access for award packages

Sign/Submit access for award packages

Update/Complete Un-submitted Applications

User Access

Application Access

Edit Profile

27. What do you need to do in order to gain access to the Mitigation eGrants system?

Register as a new user in ISAACS and obtain an Access Code from FEMA

Request access to Mitigation eGrants from FEMA in writing

Wait for an email from FEMA

Create an account in ISAACS

28. True or False. You are only required to have one (1) cost line item for each mitigation activity.



29. Which section of an application must be completed before you can complete the Match Sources Section?

Hazard Information

Cost Effectiveness Information

Applicant Information

Cost Estimate

30. What should you do if you have forgotten your password?

Select the Forgot Pwd/PIN? Button on the login screen

Register for access to eGrants

Call FEMA to request your password

Call FEMA to Request your password be reset

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