FEMA IS-32: Mitigation eGrants Internal System Answers

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About FEMA IS-32: Mitigation eGrants Internal System

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1. To process a registration for a grant applicant user to submit SRL grant applications to FEMA, you would select which of the following:

FMA Grant Application Packages: View/Print

F MA Grant Application packages: Create/Edit

SRL Grant Applications: Sign/Submit

FMA Grant Applications: Sign/Submit

2. Which functionality shows a record of revision requests that have affected a particular subgrant application, as well as any revisions that have affected the grant application?



Revision History

Rework History

3. For ___________applications, the EHP Review and Pre-Award review can be completed concurrently.





4. The ________________ functionality and the _________________functionality can both be accessed from any queue regardless of whether the queue is checked out or has already been processed.

Grant Revision; Rework

Comments; Grant Revision

Attachments; Rework

Attachments; Comments

5. Which queue helps PDM/FMA Coordinators to document the programmatic review of the Quarterly Reports?

Receipt and Delegate

Quarterly Report Grants Review Queue

Notification Coordination

Quarterly Report Program Review Queue

6. The first Quarterly Report is automatically generated for the Grantee to complete upon award of the grant and each subsequent report is generated___________________.

At the beginning of each year of the award

On the 15th of each month

On the first day of the new quarter

On the last day of the current quarter

7. The National Review Process only applies to which program(s)?





8. True or False. In order to work on a queue in the eGrants Internal System, you must have the appropriate eGrants role based on your NACS position and team.


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9. Which button allows you to request the Grant Applicant to provide a correction to a specific subgrant application that is required to continue to process the application?





10. Which of the following are the three (3) eGrants Internal System workflows?

Grant Review, Pre-Award Eligibility, and Awards Workflows

Pre-Award Eligibility, Awards, and Quarterly Reports Workflows

Grant Review, Awards, and Quarterly Reports Workflows

Subgrant Reviews, Grant Reviews, and Quarterly Reports Workflows

11. Which of the following are the two (2) workflow queues that are a part of the PDMC program National Review Process?

Regional Director Review and Quarterly Report Program Review

National Technical Review and Notification Coordination

National Technical Review and Subgrant Selection for Award

Subgrant Select of Award and Notification Coordination

12. Which queue is performed for a grant application as a whole and assigns the subgrants associated with the grant application to a user for processing the next queue in the Workflow?

Planning Review

Cost Review

Receipt and Delegate

Initial Review

13. Which of the following queues are part of the Pre-Award Eligibility Workflow for all subgrants?

Cost Review, Pre-Award Review and EHP Review

Cost Review and Pre-Award Review

Receipt and Delegate, National Technical Review and Pre-Award Review

Initial Review, Cost Review, and Pre-Award Review

14. Which queue allows the Assistance Officer to document the financial review of the Quarterly Reports for a grant application?

Receipt and Delegate

Quarterly Report Grants Review Queue

Notification Coordination

Quarterly Report Program Review Queue

15. Which of the following are users of the Mitigation eGrants Internal System?

Grant applicants

Federally-recognized Indian Tribal Governments

FEMA HQ and Region Staff

Subgrant applicants

16. True or False: A Grant Applicant cannot access the eGrants External System until a FEMA user approves their registration in the Internal System.



17. In which queue does the HQ PDM Coordinator select the eligible planning and project subgrants to be considered for further review based on the total funding available.

EHP Review

National Technical Review

Subgrant Selection for Award

Pre-Award Review

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18. The __________ screen displays your approved eGrants roles.

Pre-Award Eligibility



All Grants

19. Which of the following is only part of the Pre-Award Eligibility Workflow for the PDMC program?

EHP Review

Initial Review

Notification Coordination

National Review Process

20. True or False. To process user registrations, you must have one of the following eGrants roles: Assistance Officer, regional FMA Coordinator, or PDM Coordinator.



21. Alex has privileges for the Flood Programs. Abigail has privileges for the PDM Program. Alex is going to be out of the office unexpectedly for several weeks and Abigail has asked that FEMA reassign Alex’s applications to her. What is the problem with that request?

You can only reassign applications to users who has privileges to both the Flood Program and the PDM Program

You can only reassign applications to a user with privileges for the same program area.

You can only reassign PDM program applications.

You cannot reassign Flood or PDM Program applications

22. The _________screen displays the pending queues for each application available for you to work on based on your eGrants roles.


All Grants

Pre-Award Eligibility


23. You are in the midst of processing an application through the Pre-Award Eligibility Workflow when it is withdrawn. What program administration functionality will eliminate the application from further processing?





24. True or False. You must be behind the FEMA firewall to access the eGrants Internal System?



25. Which program administration functionality allows you to add the current FY Account Classification Coding System codes?

Total Funding

Application Period

ACCS Codes-Annual

ACCS Codes-Carryover

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