Google Analytics for Beginners Answers 2022 Assessment 1

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Google Analytics for Beginners Answers 2022 Assessment 1

Bold Texts are ANSWERS

1. Using Tracking code Google Analytics can report on data from which systems?

(select all answers that apply)

E-commerce platforms

Mobile Applications

Online point-of-sales System

Systems not connected to the internet

2. To collect data using Google Analytics, which steps must be completed?

(select all answers that apply)

Install Google Analytics Desktop software

Create an analytics Account

Add analytics tracking code to each web page

Download the Analytics App

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3. The Analytics Tracking Code can collect which of the following?

(select all answers that apply)

Language the Browser is set to

Type of Browser

User’s favorite website

Device and Operating system

4. When will Google Analytics end a session by default?

After 30 minutes regardless of the user activity on your website

Once the user opens another browser window

When a user is inactive on your site for 30 minutes or more or closes a browser window

At noon every day

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5. Once Google Analytics processes data, it’s stored in a database where it can’t be modified.



6. Which represents the hierarchical structure of a Google Analytics account from top to bottom? (click here)

View > Account > Property

Property > Account > View

Account > View > Property

Account > Property > View

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7. A user with “edit” permissions at the Account level will automatically have “edit” permissions at which other levels?

(select all answers that apply)





8. To locate a property’s Analytics tracking code, which sequence of steps should be followed?

Admin > Tracking Code > Tracking Info

Admin > Tracking Info > Tracking Code

Reports > Audience > Tracking Code

Audience Reports > Settings > Tracking Code

Google Analytics Answers 2022 Assessment 1

9.  To use Analytics to collect website data, what must be added to the website page HTML? (click here)

Google campaign parameters

The Google Analytics terms and conditions

Google Analytics tracking code

A permissions button

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10. Where should the Analytics tracking code be placed in the HTML of a web page to collect data?

Immediately after the opening <head> tag of your website

Immediately before the closing </head> tag of your website

Or Immediately after the opening <body> tag of your website

Immediately before the closing </body> tag of your website

11. When a new view is created, what data will be included?

Data from before the view was created

The Data from after the view was created

Data from before and after the view was created

No data

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12. A deleted view can be recovered by account administrators within how many days?





13. What are the options for filtering data in Google Analytics? (click here)

Exclude data from a view

Include data in a view

Modify how data appears in your reports

All of the above

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14. Why is it important to keep one unfiltered view when using filters with Google Analytics?

To ensure you can always access the original data

In order to configure Goals

In order to use a filter for multiple views

There is no reason to have an unfiltered view

15. In which order does Google Analytics filter data?

Alphabetical order by filter name

The order in which the filters were last edited

The order in which the filters are applied

Randomized order

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16. When a filter is applied to a view, what data is affected?

Data from before the filter was created

Data from after the filter was created

All the data available in a view

None of the data available in a view

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