Google Analytics for Beginners Answers 2022 Assessment 3


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Google Analytics for Beginners Answers 2022 Assessment 3

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1. What setting must be enabled to view data in Demographics and Interests Reports? (click here)

Content Grouping

Advertising features

User permissions on the view

In-Page Analytics

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2. What report would best help identify potential browser issues with website traffic? (click here)

The Active Users report

The New vs Returning report

The Browser & OS report

The Source/Medium report

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3. What report shows what mobile devices were used to view a website?

The Exit Pages report under “Site Content”

The Landing Page report under “Site Content”

The Engagement report under “Behavior”

The Devices report under “Mobile”

4. Which Traffic Source dimensions does Google Analytics automatically capture for each user who comes to your site?

The Source, Keyword, Campaign name

Source, Medium, Keyword

Source, Medium, Campaign name

Medium, Keyword, Campaign name

5. Which “sources” are available in Google Analytics? (click here)

(select all answers that apply)




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Google Analytics Beginner Answers Assessment 3 (2022)

6. Which “mediums” are available in Google Analytics?

(select all answers that apply)





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7. Which “channels” are available in the default Channels report? (click here)

(select all answers that apply)

Organic Search




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8. What report can show how particular sections of website content performed? (click here)


Content Drill down

Frequency and Recency

Top Events

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9. What report lists the website pages where users first arrived?

Events > Pages

All Pages

Exit Pages

Landing Pages

10. What report should be used to check if users are leaving from important pages on your website?

Landing Pages report

All Pages report

Exit Pages report

Pages report under Events

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Videos (From Google Analytics 2022 Assessment 3)

Audience Reports


Acquisition Reports


Behaviour Report


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