Google Web Designer Exam Answers 2022

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Time Limit and Format – There is no time limit and the format is Multiple Choice.

Total Questions and Passing Score – 15 Questions and the Passing score is 100%

1 – What does Google Web Designer offer HTML5 coders in particular?

(A) See tips from award-winning graphic designers

(B) HTML5 syntax highlighting and autocompletion

(C) A code sample library

(D) Target ads to specific browsers

2 – How can you add simple animations quickly in Google Web Designer?

(A) You can’t, animation isn’t supported

(B) Insert one from the Animation library

(C) Use the Animation panel

(D) Use the timeline’s Quick mode

3 – How can you move an element in Quick mode animation?

(A) By selecting the element you want to move in the timeline and setting an event marker

(B) By moving the element on the stage and clicking the play button at the top of the animation timeline

(C) By selecting the keyframe in the transition editor

(D) By adding a scene and moving the element where desired

4 – How do you build a wider canvas version of your creative for wider screens?

(A) By adding a width breakpoint in Landscape rules

(B) Choose Wide in the Canvas dropdown

(C) By targeting the creative for wider screens in the ad server

(D) By marking the All orientation checkbox

5 – How do you build a creative in Google Web Designer that restyles to fit portrait and landscape mobile phone orientations?

(A) By including portrait and landscape versions within the same creative

(B) By saving a different creative for each

(C) By marking both landscape and portrait checkboxes

(D) Google Web Designer creatives cannot restyle to fit screen orientation

6 – What does Google Web Designer help beginners do?

(A) Build creatives without HTML5 coding skills

(B) Consult award-winning graphic designers

(C) Learn HTML5 from experts

(D) Test ads on different browsers simultaneously

7 – How does Google Web Designer help you build sophisticated creatives quickly?

(A) By pulling reusable code from the web

(B) By providing feature-rich templates

(C) By providing direct uploads for creatives

(D) By rendering videos quickly

8 – How can you add detailed, sophisticated animations in Google Web Designer?

(A) Download them from Google Web Designer’s website

(B) Import them from an animation tool

(C) Choose them in the Animations menu

(D) Use the timeline’s Advanced mode

9 – Where are the settings you need to make creatives adjust to screen size and orientation?

(A) In the Responsive panel

(B) The view menu

(C) In the timeline

(D) In the advanced video editor

10 – What is a Google Web Designer feature that can accelerate ad creation for HTML5 coders and non-coders alike?

(A) Rapid pixelation

(B) High-speed publishing technology

(C) Advanced video rendering

(D) Library of advanced ad templates

11 – How do you add a YouTube video to your creative?

(A) By adding a video event in the Events panel

(B) By dragging the video component onto the stage and adding the YouTube video link in the text box

(C) By importing the original source video as an asset

(D) By adding the video link in the video component Properties panel

12 – How can you get your creative to appear in the template library?

(A) Submit it to Google for inclusion

(B) Save it as a template

(C) You cannot add creatives to the library

(D) Creatives already automatically appear there

13 – How do you change the font text in your creative?

(A) By selecting the font in the property inspector

(B) By double clicking on the text tool

(C) By importing the font as an asset and dragging it onto the stage

(D) By choosing the font menu in the text tool

14 – How do you build a creative in Google Web Designer that restyles to fit larger and smaller screens?

(A) By including larger and smaller versions within the same creative

(B) By saving two different creatives in Google Web Designer

(C) By setting the ad server to auto-adjust

(D) By turning on the creative’s auto-adjust

15 – How do you navigate between the wider canvas version and narrower canvas version of your responsive creative?

(A) By using the Alt-Tab buttons

(B) By choosing Wide or Narrow in the Navigate menu

(C) By clicking left or right of the width breakpoint on the top ruler

(D) By targeting the creative for wider screens in the ad server

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