How to find Mobile Customers Answers 2022

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How to find Mobile Customers Exam Answers, How to find Mobile Customers Exam Answers 2022
How to find Mobile Customers Answers, How to find Mobile Customers Answers 2022

How to find Mobile Customers Answers 2022 (1-10)

1. Your data is showing that mobile isn’t performing well. However, you know from a focus group that users are using mobile early in their journey and that mobile isn’t getting the credit it deserves. What mobile engagement and conversion strategy do you suggest to ensure mobile gets proper credit?

Cross-device conversion

Site traffic

Lead generation

Mobile commerce

2. Imagine an intern asked you about contextual and intent-rich signals. What would you say?

Contextual signals are the ones to focus on.

Finding the balance between intent and context is key.

Intent-rich signals are the only ones that matter.

Neither matter to marketers in a mobile world.

3. You received some feedback that your team thinks you missed some vital micro-moments. What do you do to find the ones you missed? (Duplicate 2)

Rule out signals such as likes, comments, browse behavior, and reading an article

Try to speak to every moment your customers may be using their smartphones and devices

Go back to your search data and try to anticipate all the questions your customers may have

Disregard the feedback and trust that your instincts are correct

4. Your manager asked you to give more consideration to a user’s location. What kind of signals would you look at?





5. Why should companies adopt mobile-first thinking?

The offline and online worlds are blurring and it’s prudent to start anticipating how to leverage this space

It encourages siloed thinking and that creates efficiencies

Mobile first is great, except for campaigns when you’re trying to increase brand awareness

Almost a quarter of the world owns a smartphone, a tablet, and a laptop

6. The other day you were searching for electronic music schools and visited some related sites. A few days later you were curious about how many calories were in the curry rice you had at lunch and searched “calories in curry rice”. You landed on a site with nutritional tips and noticed a display ad for an electronic music school. You decide to click on it. What signal was used to target you with this ad?

All those who searched for a recipe

People who searched for “where to buy chicken curry”

People who were interested in half marathons in the area

An earlier site visit of electronic music school

7. You’ve been asked to identify micro-moments for a new automotive client. Where do you start?

Avoid location data and information relating to time

Look at your data to get insights on customer behavior

Capture each and every moment you can. Don’t hold back

Just focus on the moments involving cash transactions

8. You’re surfing some of your social media sites and the exact same electronic music school advertisement from earlier in the day appears. Earlier, you clicked on the ad, but this time you don’t. What could have been done to be more relevant in that micro-moment?

The marketers should have focused only on environmental signals.

The marketers could have relied on more media signals.

The marketers should have ignored this micro-moment.

The marketers’ ad could have said how your friend “liked” the school

9. You’re a marketing manager for a leading online music store and have been given a new key performance indicator (KPI) to hit this quarter: sell 25 percent more units of electronica artists month over month. What mobile engagement would you recommend to achieve this goal?

Enhanced GPS targeting to get customers into the store

Add a click-to-navigate button to your banner ads

Make your home office address easy to find

Send a 10 percent off coupon to email mailing list

10. You just received disappointingly low results from an awareness campaign for a local non-profit that you managed. You did your research and used a wide array of signals to make sure you got your answers to your micro-moments right. What will you try next time?

Absolutely nothing and let this pass you by as a lesson learned

Completely start over from scratch with a new campaign

Combine even more signals, so that you are sure to reach more people

Combine fewer signals, so that you reach more people

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How to find Mobile Customers Answers, How to find Mobile Customers Exam Answers 2022
How to find Mobile Customers Answers, How to find Mobile Customers Answers 2022

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