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Lesson 2 Quiz Answers

1 – What is the buyer doing during the awareness stage of their buying journey?

(A) Becoming aware of a problem they have

(B) Becoming aware of your offering

(C) Becoming aware of the category your offering belongs to

(D) Becoming aware of the advantages your offering has over competing offers

2 – What is the buyer doing during the consideration stage of their buying journey?

(A) Considering the different kinds of solutions available to them

(B) Considering whether they want to buy your product

(C) Considering which of their goals or challenges they currently want to prioritize

(D) Considering whether they’d recommend your product to a friend

3 – What is the buyer doing during the decision stage of their buying journey?

(A) Deciding which goal or challenge to prioritize

(B) Deciding what category of solutions will work best for them

(C) Deciding whether they want to buy your product

(D) Deciding how satisfied they are with a product they recently purchased

Lesson 3 Quiz Answers

1 – What is the difference between active and passive buyers?

(A) Active buyers have their defined budget and authority.

(B) Passive buyers purchase products without consulting a salesperson.

(C) Active buyers are aware they have a problem and are looking for a solution.

(D) Active buyers become passive buyers when their concerns outweigh the perceived value of your offering.

2 – True or false? You should only use common connections to reach out to active buyers.

(A) True

(B) False

3 – When should you contact inbound leads?

(A) As quickly as possible.

(B) On a weekly cadence.

(C) Only when you don’t have any other sources of leads.

(D) At least three days after receiving the leads.

Lesson 4 Quiz Answers

1 – Which stage of the buyer’s journey are leads usually in?

(A) The awareness stage

(B) The consideration stage

(C) The decision stage

2 – How many steps should you have in your outreach sequences?

(A) No more than 2 or 3

(B) About 5

(C) At least 10

(D) As many steps as it takes to get a response

3 – When should you transition to the explore phase?

(A) As soon as you get a response to your outreach sequence

(B) After you confirm their budget and authority

(C) When the buyer confirms they’re willing to discuss their goals and challenges with you

(D) After having two or three email exchanges

Lesson 5 Quiz Answers

1 – True or false? Having a lead qualification framework helps you structure your communication with your prospects.

(A) True

(B) False

2 – All of the following are part of the CGP, TCI, BA framework EXCEPT:

(A) Challenges

(B) Implications

(C) Performance

(D) Authority

3 – What’s the difference between consequences and implications?

(A) Consequences are the negative outcomes your prospect faces if they fail to overcome their challenge or achieve their goal. Implications are the positive outcomes your prospect expects if they succeed.

(B) Consequences are the negative outcomes you face as a salesperson if you don’t close the sale, and implications are the negative outcomes your prospect faces if they don’t overcome their challenge or achieve their goal.

(C) “Consequences” and “implications” are different words but mean the same thing.

(D) Consequences are long-term outcomes. Implications are short-term outcomes.

Lesson 6 Quiz Answers

1 – What’s the main goal of a presentation?

(A) To provide value to the prospect

(B) To commit the prospect to buying your product

(C) To qualify a lead

(D) To educate a prospect about the features of your product

2 – True or false? You should personalize every sales presentation you give.

(A) True

(B) False

3 – How do you determine the timeline for closing a deal?

(A) The timeline should be based on the prospect’s goals.

(B) The timeline should be determined by asking the prospect when they want to sign the contract.

(C) The timeline should be determined using the 1-10 closing technique.

(D) The timeline should be based on the length of your sales cycle.

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