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Lesson 2 Quiz Answers

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1 – The internet has given buyers much more power to voice their opinions about the companies they buy from. As a salesperson, how can you use this change to your advantage?

(A) Focus on closing customers who will advocate for your brand and provide you with referrals.

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(B) Use social media and other online tools to discredit people who leave negative reviews about you or your company.

(C) Identify the customers who are the biggest promoters of your company and try to upsell them.

(D) Leave reviews for the companies you buy from and hope that your customers follow your example.

2 – In HubSpot, which of the following is considered a contact?

(A) Prospects

(B) Qualified leads

(C) Customers

(D) All of the above

3 – True or false? The ability to add and remove columns on your contacts page is part of the free HubSpot CRM.

(A) True

(B) False


Lesson 3 Quiz Answers

1 – What does it mean for an email to be “tracked” inside of HubSpot?

(A) The email appears on the contact record.

(B) HubSpot will notify you if the email has been opened.

(C) HubSpot monitors which employees are sending the most emails.

(D) If the email doesn’t get a response, HubSpot will automatically send a second email.

2 – What is a task queue?

(A) A task that’s scheduled for a future date

(B) An automated sequence of emails and tasks

(C) A tool that tees up your tasks like a playlist

(D) A list of your tasks that are due on a specific day

3 – What is the meetings tool?

(A) A videoconferencing tool that you can use to talk with your contacts face-to-face.

(B) A calendar you can use to manage your daily tasks.

(C) A tool that sends an automated series of emails to your contacts.

(D) A tool that gives your contacts the ability to book time directly on your calendar.

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Lesson 4 Quiz Answers

1 – Which of the following is an example of being overeager to create a deal?

(A) You just discovered the website of a company that might be a good fit for your offering, so you create a deal to help you remember to research the company further.

(B) A prospect you reached out to booked time on your calendar, so you create a deal for them.

(C) You have a conversation with a lead, and afterward you have a good sense of the products they’re interested in, so you create a deal with those details.

(D) During a sales conversation, a prospect tells you they need to make a decision before the end of the quarter, so you create a deal with a close date of the last day of the quarter.

2 – Which of the following is the best place to create a deal?

(A) On the deals page so that you can see where it will fit in your deal pipeline

(B) On a contact record so that the contact and their company will automatically be associated to it

(C) Inside Slack using HubSpot’s Slack integration

(D) On the reporting dashboard

3 – HubSpot CRM has a productivity report that shows the total number of calls, emails, notes, tasks, and meetings you’ve had in a certain time period. Where is this report?

(A) It’s inside the sidebar on the contacts page

(B) It’s in the productivity section of your profile page

(C) It’s a filtered view you can create on the deals page

(D) It’s a default report on the sales dashboard

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