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Lesson 2 Quiz Answers

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1 – Fill in the blank: Companies use customer journey maps to build _______ for their customers.

A) confidence

(B) empathy

C) products

D) roadmaps

2 – How often should you revisit your customer journey map to ensure it’s kept up to date?

A) Whenever you get an influx of new customers

(B) When your business practices change

C) Quarterly

D) Whenever you get negative feedback

Lesson 3 Quiz Answers

1 – A help desk does all of the following EXCEPT:

A) Streamline intake

(B) Provide feedback

C) Improve experiences with reporting

D) Triage customer issues

2 – Which of the following is a benefit of phone support?

A) It’s cheaper for your company.

(B) Customers can get immediate help for complicated issues.

C) In general, customers prefer phone support to any other type of support.

D) All of the above

3 – All of the following are benefits of email support EXCEPT:

(A) It’s immediate

B) It provides a paper trail

C) You can insert screenshots and gifs

D) It’s conversational

Lesson 4 Quiz Answers

1 – True or false? When setting up your Conversations email inbox, you should connect your personal email.

A) True

(B) False

2 – When should you consider using a chatbot?

A) If human bandwidth is a constraint

B) If the cost of making a mistake is low

C) If you get a lot of standard questions

(D) All of the above

Lesson 6 Quiz Answers

1 – Which of the following is a strong option for a knowledge base article title?

(A) How Do I Connect My Email Account to the Software?

B) The Top 5 Ways to Use a Spreadsheet for Marketing (Number 3 Will Surprise You!)

C) The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

2 – What is self-service?

(A) Type of service where customers can solve problems without needing live customer support

B) One-on-one support from a company, either through live chat or phone

C) One-on-one support from a company for a monthly fee

Lesson 7 Quiz Answers

1 – After mapping out your customer journey, you realize you would like to know more about what your customers think after they purchased your product through a sales rep. The survey you should implement is:

A) Customer effort score

B) Net promoter score

(C) Customer satisfaction survey

2 – What survey should you use if you want to understand what a customer thinks of your business as a whole?

(A) Net promoter score

B) Customer effort score

C) Customer satisfaction survey

3 – Let’s say you want to understand how your support team is performing. Which survey should you implement?

(A) Customer effort score

B) Net promoter score

C) Customer satisfaction survey

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