Mobile in Campaign Manager Answers 2022

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Mobile In Campaign Manager Assessment Answers, Mobile In Campaign Manager Assessment Answers 2022
Mobile In Campaign Manager Assessment Answers, Mobile In Campaign Manager Assessment Answers 2022

1. What kind of creative would be best suited for smartphone users?

Large creatives that require lots of bandwidth and high connection speed

clear business objectives, a well defined target audience, multiple ad variations

Creative optimized for large screens

Highly interactive and entertaining creative requiring a long time to experience

2. What mobile environment has the same functionality for Campaign Manager placements and Floodlight as desktop browsers, but optimized for mobile screens?

Mobile web


Google Play

Mobile in-app

3. DinoWorld wants to track how many users installed their Android app after clicking their ad. What is one supported way to track these installs?

Have your developer write code to embed within the mobile site

Cannot track app installs

Use HTML5 to create an interactive ad that tracks app installs

Link the Google Play account to Campaign Manager and enable tracking

Google Play account to Campaign Manager and enable tracking

4. Your client has just launched their mobile campaign and wants details on performance. Which of the following dimensions can you add to a Standard Basic report to add mobile-specific details?

Rich media

No dimensions need to be added

Device ID

Platform type or Environment

5. KidApparel wants to send mobile users to install their app and desktop users to their website. How do you accomplish this in Campaign Manager?

Traffic two ads under one placement and use targeting to direct each user to the correct ad


Traffic a single ad directing mobile users to install the app; the desktop ad is generated automatically

Traffic a single ad and let the users direct themselves

6. Sports Gear wants to know how many in-app purchases were influenced by their mobile web campaign. Which report can you generate to provide them this information?

Audience Performance

Both Cross-Device Conversions and Standard Basic reports

Cross-Device Conversions

Standard Basic

7. How are conversions tracked on mobile apps?


Google Play

Cannot track conversions on mobile apps

Resettable device IDs passed into Campaign Manager tags

8. Sally’s team has developed creatives that look really great on tablet devices. What time of day might she expect her tablet audience to peak?


It stays constant all day


Early morning

9. Which of the following is a benefit of using HTML5 for mobile advertising?

Requires sophisticated development tools

Can create complex effects

orks only with mobile devices

Uses device IDs instead of cookies

10. You’re using a travel app to book flights on your smartphone. You see an ad appear for hotels at your destination. What type of ad is this?

Mobile in-app

Mobile high-end

Mobile web

Mobile mid-range

11. Sports World has a very bandwidth-intensive creative that should only be displayed for users with sufficiently fast connections. How might they target these users with a different creative than other users?

Connection type




12. Your client has a desktop and a mobile version of their website and wants to track the two separately. How do you set this up using Floodlight tags?

Only focus on tablet users

Use one tag as it will automatically adjust

Create separate tags for each version of the site

You should not track mobile sites as they are not compatible with Floodlight

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Mobile In Campaign Manager Assessment Answers, Mobile In Campaign Manager Assessment Answers 2022
Mobile In Campaign Manager Answers, Mobile In Campaign Manager Answers 2022

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