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1 – Which of these terms should NOT be used to describe a link that points from another website to yours?

(A) Backlink

(B) External link

(C) Internal link

(D) Inbound link

2 – True or false: No-follow links pass link equity.

(A) True

(B) False

3 – Which of these do search engines use to crawl and navigate between pages within a website? Select all that apply.

(A) Internal links

(B) Sitemaps


(C) Robots.txt

(D) External links

4 – A _________ is a connection between two webpages or sites, activated by clicking.

The correct answer is Hyperlink.

5 – Which of these is an example of generic anchor text?

(A) Visit the Sausage Maker website

(B) Click here for more information

(C) Explore our catalog of sausage-making products

(D) Visit

6 – True or false: Link equity is not a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm and has no effect on the order of search results.

(A) True

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(B) False

7 – What is one reason a webmaster might add a no-follow attribute to an outbound link on their site?

The correct answer is This is done in cases when a website doesn’t want to pass authority to (or “endorse”) another webpage or because it’s a paid link.

8 – Which of these is NOT a true statement regarding Domain and Page Authority?

(A) The higher your Domain Authority is, the more difficult it is to increase it.

(B) Domain and Page Authority are based entirely on the quality and quantity of links pointing to a site or page.

(C) Your competitors’ Domain and Page Authority are irrelevant when compared with your own.

(D) If Facebook’s Domain Authority goes up, other sites’ Domain Authority will decrease relative to Facebook’s.

1 – Which of these are examples of earned links? Select all that apply.

(A) A bicycle mechanic writes a guide to changing bicycle tires and emails the editor of Bike Fancy to share it with a wider audience

(B) A financial services firm buys three blog domains and creates monthly posts for the purpose of linking back to the firm’s primary website

(C) A writer shares her list of best beach destinations on Twitter and adds the article to their Links page

(D) An SEO agency purchases links from several online directories on behalf of their client

(E) The Sausage Maker’s SEO team asks the webmaster at to add a hyperlink to an unlinked mention of a Sausage Maker product

2 – A link from a highly ranked, reputable website is _______________ than a link from a less authoritative or trustworthy website.

(A) more valuable

(B) less valuable

(C) neither more nor less valuable

3 – Which metric in Moz’s Link Explorer tool suggests how likely a site is to be banned or penalized by the search engines?

(A) Number of Linking Domains

(B) Domain Authority

(C) Spam Score

4 – Which of these is NOT an important consideration when auditing a site’s anchor text profile?

(A) Relevance of anchor text terms

(B) Overall diversity of anchor text

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(C) Ratio of branded terms to naked URLs

(D) Whether choice of anchor text seems natural

5 – True or false: No-follow links have no SEO value because they do not pass link equity.

(A) True

(B) False

6 – What are the two most common types of anchor text on the web? Choose two answers.

(A) Keyword anchors

(B) Naked URLs

(C) Generic anchors

(D) Branded terms

7 – True or false: It does not matter to the search engines whether you earn your links all at once or steadily over a longer period.

(A) True

(B) False

8 – Which of these is important to keep in mind when measuring the success of a new link?

(A) It can take time for a new, valuable link to trigger an increase in SERP rank

(B) A link that appears to send traffic to your site has no value unless it uses a keyword anchor

(C) Sites that are already on the first page of search results will increase in rank more easily

(D) Links from sites with low Domain Authority will have no effect on SERP rankings

1 – True or false: As of 2016, Google generally devalues spam links rather than demoting sites with spam in their backlink profiles.

(A) True

(B) False

2 – True or false: If you’ve encountered a manual penalty from Google, the best option is to disavow all of your backlinks and start over from scratch.

(A) True

(B) False

3 – Which of these is a good tactic for asking webmasters to remove or no-follow links to your website?

(A) Automate outreach by sending form emails to several recipients at a time

(B) Threaten legal action if the link is not removed within 30 days

(C) Thoroughly explain your link removal process thus far so the recipient knows how hard you’ve worked

(D) Always send emails from an address that reflects the domain name you’re inquiring about

4 – Which of these is NOT an example of a link scheme that violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?

(A) Hiding links within the text of a website

(B) Adding links to low-quality directories

(C) Adding a link to your website in the bio section of a guest-written blog post

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(D) Using private blog networks to create links

(E) Link-exchange agreements

(F) Paying for links

5 – Google’s _______ algorithm update was designed to decrease the SERP rankings of sites that use black-hat tactics to manipulate their number of backlinks.

The correct answer is Panda.

6 – You should consider pursuing a backlink removal campaign if (select all that apply):

(A) You know some of your inbound links have been acquired using tactics that violate search engine guidelines

(B) You earned more than 100 links in a 30-day period

(C) More than half of your inbound links use naked URLs as anchor text

(D) Your Google Search Console profile shows that you’ve been hit with a manual action

7 – True or false: When creating a disavow file, it’s a good idea to include notes that reflect your attempts to get links removed manually.

(A) True

(B) False

Google Moz Academy Backlink Audit and Removal Completed

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