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1 – What do SEOs report as the number one blocker for implementing search work at client organizations?

(A) Lack of time available from developers

(B) Low client understanding of search

(C) Limited budget

(D) Client hostility/personnel conflict

2 – The most effective way to earn buy-in from the client is through

The correct answers is education.

3 – Which of the following are important concepts for the client to understand before SEO work is begun? Select all that apply.

(A) SEO tactics to avoid

(B) How search engines crawl the web

(C) Full Google algorithm update timeline

(D) What search engine optimization is

4 – Explaining your tactics to the client will significantly increase the risk of cancellation because once they have that knowledge, they’re better off doing the work themselves.

(A) True

(B) False

5 – Search marketing helps businesses capture users at all stages of the conversion funnel by matching keyword and content strategy to ______ ______.

The correct answers are Search Query.

6 – The graphic below illustrates the self-reinforcing nature of SEO success. Which of the following terms is missing from the cycle?

(A) Time

(B) Authority

(C) Profit

(D) SERP placement

7 – Which of these is NOT a good way to demonstrate your client’s SEO position as compared to their competitors?

(A) Compare inbound link profiles

(B) Show SERP rankings for Amazon and other major brands

(C) Show differences in SERP rankings for important keywords

(D) Provide statistics on SEO investment within their industry

8 – Which of the following are risks the client faces if they choose not to invest in SEO? Select all that apply.

(A) Accumulating lots of technical site errors

(B) Getting surpassed by competitors in organic search

(C) Letting their website become out of date

(D) Losing existing inbound links

The Value Of Agency Quiz Answers


1 – The number of brands choosing to take their marketing in house is __________.

(A) increasing

(B) decreasing

2 – Why is collaboration between agency specialists so important?

(A) It provides the client with many points of contact at the agency

(B) It promotes brainstorming and generation of fresh ideas

(C) It allows for better profit sharing

(D) It requires specialists to attend more meetings

3 – Which of the following is an advantage of choosing in-house marketing?

(A) Fewer people are required to contribute to marketing strategy

(B) A consistent, rigid marketing strategy is usually better

(C) Deadlines are easier to meet when work is done in house

(D) In-house employees are more immersed in the brand

4 – According to existing research, the average agency retainer is $30-60,000 per year. What is the true average cost of hiring a new in-house marketing employee?

(A) $35-54,000

(B) $65-94,000

(C) $40-64,000

(D) $100-124,000

5 – Which of these are risks that can be mitigated by hiring an agency? Select all that apply.

(A) Lost time due to vacation/sick days

(B) Failed in-house hires

(C) Organizational budget changes

(D) In-house employee turnover

Packages & Projects Quiz Answers


1 – Which agency engagement model might be the best choice for a brand that wants its in-house staff to handle day-to-day SEO?

(A) By-the-hour SEO

(B) Monthly SEO package

(C) Project-based SEO

2 – From the client’s perspective, which of these is a significant advantage of paying for SEO services by the hour?

(A) It’s the most common type of SEO engagement

(B) The same amount of work gets done in a shorter period of time

(C) It’s easy to allocate specific amounts of time to various tasks

(D) It necessitates fewer check-ins with the agency

3 – From the client’s perspective, which of these is a significant advantage of a recurring monthly SEO package?

(A) It requires the client to build less of a relationship with the agency

(B) It allows the client to “take a break” from SEO with fewer consequences

(C) It ensures rapid gains in search traffic

(D) It allows for more strategic flexibility and experimentation


4 – From the client’s perspective, which of these is a significant advantage hiring an agency for a single SEO project?

(A) Clients often want to hire several agencies to execute various tasks simultaneously

(B) Almost all SEO strategies have a clear beginning and end

(C) There’s no need to set a specific timeline

(D) It’s easier to accurately predict costs and set a budget

5 – Which of the following SEO tasks is NOT a good candidate for a one-off project?

(A) Site error maintenance

(B) Product launch

(C) Link building for a recently published white paper

(D) Domain migration

6 – Which agency engagement model offers the strongest assurance of recurring revenue?

(A) Monthly SEO package

(B) Project-based SEO

(C) By-the-hour SEO

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