Outsourcing OBGYN Medical Billing Services

Two Obstetrics, as well as Gynecology, are two distinct areas of expertise. Obstetricians are doctors who specialize in pregnancy and postpartum care, while Gynecologists are specialists on the reproductive systems of females. Although each of Obstetrician and Gynecologist are concerned the female reproductive system, the two specialties are quite different from one another. Because they are distinct specialties which include coders and billers, they must have a thorough understanding of billing and coding. They should be well-versed in OBGYN medical billing procedures, the devices employed, medications, and injectables as they are typically invoiced as packages.

A lot of Ob-Gyn suffers from problems regarding the medical billing and coding process due to the 2014 Changes to current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and Medicare changes to the code. The modifications include new codes for image-guided fluid drainage, clarification on who is accountable for discharge-day care, new codes for embolization of fibroids and the introduction of online and telephone consultations between professionals and laparoscopic treatment of fibroids. The 2014 CPT modifications also include an updated laboratory code that enables non-invasive pregnancy DNA Harmony test work, as well as a code for testing the presence of Trichomonas Vaginalis was released.

These changes can make it challenging for Ob-Gyn practitioners to remain up to date with the latest changes and manage billing efficiently.

A few of the steps to follow when outsourcing OBGYN medical billing services in order to receive assured reimbursement and an increase in revenue is as the following:

The documentation of specific trimester

The most recent codes are expected to be added to the Medical Billing System following the move to ICD-10. Certain of the rules found in Chapter 15 of the ICD-10-CM Manual require medical coders to be present during all of the trimesters. Experts must adhere to the guidelines and record the billing using the exact number of weeks or days during the pregnancy.

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Reporting Annual GYN Exam

Code Z01.4 is usually the one to pass the annual GYN exam Experts must write down the GYN exam’s annual details in a concise manner. The information must identify if the findings show any particularities or irregularities. It is possible to prevent a loss of revenue by utilizing OBGYN medical billing services, even in the event that the physician isn’t knowledgeable or skilled in billing process.

Documenting the Cause of Pelvic Pain

The information must be encoded correctly if a specialist determines the reason for menstrual pain that is related to pelvic. It is vital to gather the information needed so that experts can code the correct way.

Migraines documented

The patient suffers from a menstrual migraine when they complain of persistent pain. However, the medical professional should make sure the billing department whether the patient suffers from migraines for a long time or does not have. The codes that are used for menstrual migraines are G43.82 or G43.83.

The reason for the fetus’ viability Scans

In the regular screening process for the possibility of viability, or for signs such as diminished fetal movements or fetal amenia. Experts need to examine the scans they have conducted. This usually indicates that the patient suffers due to a miscarriage. it is crucial that the medical billing department informed about this for precise billing.

Maternal Age Complicates Pregnancy

The doctor must define the healthy pregnant age in the case of a patient who is older than 30 years old. For instance, a patient may experience pre/post eclampsia or post eclampsia procedure, which could cause bleeding that could cause the issue.

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In addition to the tips above There are numerous forms to be completed in Ob-Gyn billing. That means any mistake that is made can cause claims to be denied. Since there’s many things that need to be addressed during the billing process for Ob-Gyns, it is essential that only highly skilled billers and coders be able to complete the billing procedure.

The conclusion 

For physicians with a small staff outsources Ob-Gyn medical billing is a viable option. Medcare MSO Medical Billing Service is a well-known business with experience in managing the management of revenue cycle and medical billing. They have experience handling the various billing requirements of diverse medical specialties. Therefore, when you contract out Ob-Gyn medical billing services and you are confident that you will see an increase in revenue as you’ll be able to focus on the most important aspects of your work as well as the demands of the patients. For further details Contact us

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