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Total Questions and Time Limit – 7 Questions with 10 minutes to finish the exam.

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1 – With a Position Tracking tool you can track root domain, subdomain and URL, but not subfolder. True or false?

(A) False

(B) True

2 – Which metric based on CTR shows a website’s progress in Google’s top 100 for keywords that are currently tracked?

(A) Average position

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(B) Ranking distribution

(C) Visibility

3 – Which report in Position tracking can help you to determine pages that rank or do not rank for a certain keyword and at the same time pages that rank with a specific aggregate volume?

(A) Landing pages

(B) Rankings

(C) Ranking distribution report with the help of filters


4 – Sensor shows the actual SERP volatility level, which reflects the speed of changes in Google search results. What SENSOR score refers to a normal volatility level?

(A) 0 to 2

(B) 8 to 10

(C) 2 to 5

(D) 5 to 8

5 – In what Google positions can you check the popularity of a HTTPS protocol extension by viewing a donut diagram in the Sensor tool? Choose 2 answers.

(A) Top-3

(B) Top-20

(C) Top-10

(D) Top-100

6 – Choose 2 correct statements about the Featured Snippets report in the Position Tracking tool.

(A) You can also take a look at the SERP source to see how the snippet appears within the results page.

(B) This report shows how many times your or your competitor’s domain is featured in the snippet per week.

(C) This report shows keywords on their SERP where your or your competitor’s domain is featured in the snippet.

7 – True or false? The Ranking distribution report allows you to see the number of keywords in a campaign you and your competitors have in the top 3, top 10, top 20 and top 100 positions.

(A) False

(B) True

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