Some Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in Your College Papers

When you’re assigned to write your first college essay, research paper, thesis, book review, or any other assignment in English, plagiarism will definitely be an issue at some point. In most cases, undergrads tend to commit plagiarism unintentionally. They simply copy-paste some paragraphs of information and fail to rewrite it or add references.

Online proofreading or editing apps mean that everyone can easily detect plagiarized content in essays or research papers. Your professor doesn’t really care if you used plagiarized content accidentally or not. S/he expects you to create a piece free from plagiarism that deserves the highest grades. The consequences of submitting a college paper that is not unique are very serious. Below, we have some recommendations on how to write and edit your next college paper to ensure it is authentic.

Simply Paraphrase

  • When it comes to taking texts from some reference papers, it is important that you don’t copy-paste them. Instead, restate the idea that you would like to include in your work using your own words.
  • Make sure to get the idea of the reference sources to paraphrase correctly. As an alternative, you can use online tools for paraphrasing to do the job effortlessly.

Use Online Plagiarism Detection Systems

You’re welcome to make use of various plagiarism detection apps like PlagScan, Copyleaks, Paper Rater, and other free or paid services to find out whether your document is plagiarized.

Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with surveying some previously published works, you shouldn’t paraphrase the pieces of information with absolute similarity. As a rule, plagiarism tends to occur in the section of the literature review. For that reason, if you ensure to read the original document carefully and get an idea of it, take notes of the context and express it to your readers with the help of your own words, you won’t face the plagiarism accusation. At the same time, ensure you never pass off the original results of some other author as yours.

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Why Is It Important to Stay Away from Plagiarism?

First of all, plagiarism is unethical. A student who hands in the plagiarized piece is actually committing theft hoping to get some benefits in the future. That’s true whether you’re submitting a high school essay or are an online writer or editor working for a custom writing service.

Staying away from plagiarized content is crucial for a college student or a writer earning money at custom writing or editing websites. In addition to losing the respect of your professor and college fellows, using plagiarized content in your work could cost you career progress and professional referrals.

Include Quotations

If you decide to insert someone else’s words into your essay or book review, one of the best ways to avoid plagiarism is by including quotations. Simply use quotation marks around the chosen fragment of text in order to show that you’re not the author of the words. When it comes to a direct quote, it is important to also cite the source so that your target audience is aware of where the quote is taken from.

Include Your Own Ideas

Instead of copy-pasting words or ideas from the source, consider doing some research on the topic to have something unique to say about it. Do you have your own viewpoint on the topic under study? It is important to also remember that if you allude to the words or ideas of a source in order to frame your own perspective, you will still need to follow the rules given above. If you have to write on the same topic for different types of academic assignments, it’s no doubt you may be tempted to re-use some of your previous statements. That’s what they call self-plagiarism. No matter how genius you may sound in your previous works, it is important to stay away from self-plagiarism.

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Proofread Your Papers

No matter how obvious it may seem, a lot of students seem to forget to do paper proofreads. Make sure to always get back to the beginning of your essay, lab report, research paper, article, or any other project in order to check your work for grammar and spelling, as well as quotes and citations. When you’re done with the writing part, it’s time to take a break and have some coffee with your best friend. You have to remove yourself from the written piece for a while to get back to it with a fresh set of eyes. When it comes to editing, this simple technique will help you ensure that your document is unique and free from mistakes. You’re welcome to use an online proofreader or paper corrector to make sure you submit a project of the finest quality.

We hope the tips given above will become helpful when it comes to avoiding plagiarism in your next essay, term paper, or presentation. If you’re not sure whether you can cope with the task on your own, do not hesitate to use some plagiarism-checking website or a service offering essay proofreading online. Whether you choose to work with a qualified editor or proofread your work on your own, keep the plagiarism issues in mind no matter what.

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