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Total Questions and Passing Score – 8 Questions and Passing Score is 80%

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1 – Which feature of Google Translate helps students explore their school’s physical space?

(A) Camera

(B) Handwriting

(C) Conversation

(D) Voice

2 – Educators can translate entire Google Docs at the click of a button.

(A) True

(B) False

3 – Translate can help English language learners acquire vocabulary by facilitating which of the following? (select all that apply)

(A) Making vocabulary accessible in their language

(B) Providing a method for translating words

(C) Defining words automatically

(D) Reporting to teachers when the app is in use

4 – What are some ways that schools can be more accessible to English Language Learners? (select all that apply)

(A) Maintain ELAC and/or DELAC committees

(B) Leverage the Conversation feature of Google Translate in unstructured school time

(C) Mass communications to parents/community are available in multiple languages

(D) Train support staff and specialist to utilize Google Translate to communicate

5 – How might an educator use Google Translate to build confidence? (select all that apply)

(A) Allow students to draft content in their native language – then translate it for assessment

(B) Use the Voice feature to practice speaking English and play it back

(C) Google Slides can show closed captions to help match visuals with spoken word

(D) YouTube can display closed captions to provide context to videos

6 – The Google Translate app can recognize handwriting.

(A) True

(B) False

7 – What are three ways to help maximize English language learners’ comprehension? (select all that apply)

(A) Create autonomy by allowing 24/7 access to translation tools

(B) Leverage station-rotation activities and small group work

(C) Learn student’s native language and use it with all students

(D) Use visuals in conjunction with text

8 – How could using conversation mode on the Google Translate app manage student behavior? (select all that apply)

(A) Clear communication builds trust, relationships, and empathy

(B) Defuse tension by leveraging immediate translations

(C) Archive conversations for reference later and sharing to reflect upon

(D) Conversation mode does not work within Chrome

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