ICR Technology – Error-free Data Extraction from Documents Using AI

When discussing acquisition and recognition in document processing, it’s essential to keep in mind the extensive range of technology alternatives that are currently available to enterprises. These consist of the popular OCR and ICR software. While Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) offers the added benefit of converting hand-printed characters into machine-readable, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which … Read more

High-quality Vu Smart TVs to Buy in 2022

Vu Television is a brand that began as an LED and display manufacturer. The company was founded in 2006 by an Indian businessperson, Devita Saraf. In India, Vu TV is the largest-selling brand across e-commerce platforms. With its headquarters in Mumbai, India, Vu began to export TVs to the USA. In 2014, the company made … Read more

Best Sites to get WII ROMS

Playing your desired retro classic games on present gen devices is quite easy using emulators. The emulators come incorporated with firmware and operating system of your favorite gaming console. Hence you can emulate and play games made for a different platform on your devices on computers as well as smartphones. Whereas the emulators come with … Read more